Roswell, 1947-MADE IN TAIWAN!wreck3_close-up.gif (91192 bytes)

Yes, that's right - this piece of crash material is from earth, and not some far-off galaxy such as Zeta Reticuli.
But what does this mean? Why would They attempt to cover up the crash, only to release falsified crash wreckage for unsuspecting investigators to uncover? Are there multiple Agencies at work here, one attempting to release the information, while another wants to keep it secret? Are we being led astray so as to keep the REAL wreckage hidden from the general populace? Will we ever know?
We here at the UFO Inquirer have spent many hours analyzing this and other falsified photos relating to the Roswell crash, and have concluded that they have probably been distributed so as to "throw us off the scent" of the true evidence. Our investigation will continue - the Truth is out there!