Apparently he's not famous only on earth...dave-face comparison.gif (43778 bytes)

A comparison of key facial features shows that the Face on Mars perfectly matches that of David Hasselhoff. It is interesting to note that the Face on Mars appears to have longer hair...perhaps from David's Knight Rider days, or from a rebellious youth? Despite this, any logical-thinking individual can clearly see the overwhelming evidence concluding that this is not merely a coincidence.
Why, then, is this so? Might David be worshipped on other planets as a god, much like he is in many parts of Europe? Perhaps it is true that the human race did originally come from Mars, where a distant cousin of his ruled. Even more frightening is the thought that there may be a race of Hasselhoff clones waiting in the depths of the red planet for their chance to conquer the earth.
Whatever the answer, we may never know the truth behind this...mainly because Mr. Hasselhoff has placed a restraining order against us following a little fiasco involving supposed harrassment, kidnapping and assault on our part. This may have stopped us for now, but the search will eventually go on - the Truth is out there!